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Facilities for patients

HERO DMC Heart Institute is committed towards delivering quality healthcare and ensuring the best outcomes for its patients. Our team of world-class doctors and professionally trained nurses serve our patients with compassion, respect, and integrity.

Room Amenities

Hero DMC Heart Institute offers a choice of rooms catering to each segment of the society

Room Type Room Details
Four Bedded Ward

4 patients in a room with two beds in each Row.

Independent telephone connections and a common bathroom.

No companion allowed.

Double Bedded Ward

2 patients in a room.

Independent telephone connection.

Attached bathroom.

Storage & Locker facilities in the room.

Sofa cum bed for one companion ( companion is allowed on doctor's permission).

Private Room(Single-ward)

Single A/C room.

Cable TV.

Independent telephone connection.

Attached bathroom.

Storage & Locker facilities in the room.

Sofa cum bed for one companion.


All private rooms, double bedded rooms, and general wards are equipped with telephone service, which will enable you to make local calls directly from the room. Please dial 9 to access the direct dialling facility. If attendants need to make calls to the patients, they are requested to use the Telephones available in the main lobby near touch-Screen. The telephone facilities are not available in Intensive Care Units.

  • The toiletries for daily use of patients are also provided by hospital in form of patient kit.
  • Sleepers are also provided by hospital to all mobile patients.


  • All washrooms in the hospital are sanitized regularly for your protection. Hot and cold water facilities are available in bathrooms.
  • Attendants are requested not to use hospital washrooms for washing clothes, utensils, and bathing.


  • Preventive maintenance of all equipment in the room is routinely done.
  • To further ensure continued patient comfort, the staffs from housekeeping and maintenance departments makes daily rounds. During these rounds, various equipments, facilities in the room are checked and if necessary, service is done.
  • If you need any assistance regarding the television, air-conditioning, power points, nurses call system, plumbing or telephone in your room, inform the attending nurse, who will call the concerned department. Please allow a response time of 20-30 minutes.


  • A copy of the daily newspaper will be delivered to your room (in English, Hindi or Punjabi as per your choice) every morning.


  • Your diet is an important part of the treatment and is prescribed by your doctor.
  • Food and beverages should not be brought to the hospital.
  • We provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, and choice of beverages, tea, coffee or milk for patients.
  • Food is also available for those attending to the patients, at our dietary (1:15 Pm to 2:30 PM), snacks are available at cafeteria.
  • The package for patients includes bed-tea, breakfast with beverages, lunch, evening beverage and dinner & bed-time milk.
  • Dietary service is available round the clock daily. Fresh drinking water is provided.


  • To maintain hygienic conditions, your room will be cleaned twice daily.
  • Should you require an additional cleaning please inform the housekeeping supervisor/Sanitation supervisor at extension 688/690 or ask your nurse for assistance, she will gladly help you.
  • The hospital requests that no linen be brought from outside, as all linen needs of patients are met by the hospital at no additional charge. For any linen needs, please contact your nurse at the nursing station.

Facilities for patients