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Ultrasound scan is a non- invasive , painless, less time consuming and relatively less expensive modality that uses high frequency sound waves to produce images of the internal organs and other tissues .It does not require any special preparation beforehand , you may be asked not to eat for few hours before an upper abdominal scan or may be asked to come with full bladder before an pelvic scan. 

Different tests are performed in HDHI using this modality which are as follows 

1. Abdominal USG

2. Pelvic USG

3. USG chest

4. Carotid Doppler

5. Peripheral vascular Doppler 

6. Renal Doppler 

In emergency point of care ultrasound is performed in which portable USG machine is used at the patients bedside to answer specific clinical questions that narrows a clinician’s differentials.

Sr. No. Investigation Name
1 US Chest
3 US whole abdomen
4 Doppler arterial both Leg
5 Doppler arterial left Leg
6 Doppler arterial right Leg
7 Doppler B/L Limbs Arterial and Venous
8 Doppler B/L Venous Limb for DVT
9 Doppler U/S/ Venous both leg for PERFORATOR
10 Doppler U/S/ Venous left leg for PERFORATOR
11 Doppler U/S/ Venous right leg for PERFORATOR
12 Doppler Venous left limb for DVT
13 Doppler Venous right limb for DVT
14 US Abdomen + Chest
15 US doppler Arterial Bilateral Upper limbs
16 US doppler Arterial Bilateral left Upper limbs
17 US doppler Arterial Bilateral right Upper limbs
18 US doppler Carotid
19 US doppler venous bilateral upper limbs
20 US doppler venous bilateral left upper limbs
21 US doppler venous bilateral right upper limbs
22 US follow up of admitted patient
23 US lower abdomen
24 US portable
25 US renal doppler
26 US upper abdomen
27 US upper abdomen and chest